VILIFICATION  = False Complaints, Defamation, Harassment, Stalking and Bullying in the Workplace, Schoolyard and Social Media


**NOTICE: Due to a number of unforeseen factors (e.g. cyclone in QLD) the 2-4 Day Resolving Vilification Workshop marketing was unfortunately not released at the same time to each of the different Professions and Organisations. So as not to disadvantage anyone, we have extended the Super Early Bird price of $660 ($352 for 2 day workshop) until two days prior to start date of each workshop.


Vilification is at epidemic proportions in our everyday lives. It is pervasive at every level of society, starting in the schoolyard, progressing to the workplace, then within tertiary institutions, and through all levels of social media. Yet there is nowhere that one can turn to learn the skills to either prevent Vilification occurring or to cope with the effects of this pervasive problem.

Resolving Vilification has been established by a Natasha Lakaeav with real life experience of the impact of Vilification on one’s professional, personal, social, and family life.


A Two or Four Day Workshop has been created to provide an understanding of Vilification and what approaches can be used for preventing or resolving Professional Vilification for yourself, colleagues, clients, or patients. This workshop encompasses Evidence Based Treatments and Practice Based Protocols particularly helpful for treating the effects of Vilification.


It is a workshop relevant to all professionals and non-professionals including (but not limited to):

- Psychologists  - Psychiatrists  - Specialists, such as Paediatricians, Dentists  - Mental Health Nurses  - Social Workers

- General Practitioners  - All Nurses & Health Workers at every level and in all Specialist Occupations

- Allied clinicians such as Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Physiotherapists;

- Those working within the varying education institutions such as Guidance Counsellors, Teachers, Deputy Principals & Principals within

   Private & Public School settings and Lecturers at University; and

- CEO’s, small business owners, and aspiring public figures in areas of special interest or innovative (and new) skill sets

- Parents of Children or Teenagers that are experiencing Bullying in the Schoolyard or on Social Media


Resolving Vilification workshops are scheduled between April and July 2015 in each capital city of Australia and in Auckland, New Zealand.


Additionally, the Gold Coast Workshop on 15th-18th June 2015 will also be available for live viewing over the internet similar to a webinar format, for those that cannot attend a workshop in person due to remote regions or inability to physically attend. If this is of interest please email or call us asap.