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Pro Bono Australia News (13th March, 2015)

The Abbott Government has extended funding worth more than $47 million to disability organisations throughout Australia, allowing them to operate until at least 30 June 2016.

Assistant Minister for Social Services, Senator Mitch Fifield, announced today that the funding extensions would help programmes transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

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The Guardian, UK (5th July 2015)

The chancellor tells us that he is putting into law the obligation to generate budget surpluses in the “interests of our children”. But the axing of funding for children’s mental health in the service of economic dogma will condemn a generation of young people to a life of misery for want of the right mental health support in their early years.

By natashapsychology, Jul 12 2015 06:09AM, Jessica Nico (23rd June, 2015)

ADULTS are able to talk to others about the issues they face in their lives, but it can sometimes be a lot harder to understand how a child is feeling.

That is where play therapy comes in. Play therapy is a form of counselling that can help children from as young as two who are going through emotional, psychological, development or behavioural issues.

Donna Berry was a social worker spending almost every day with children and families when she started thinking there was a piece of the puzzle missing when it came to interacting with the children.

Now the owner of the Fremantle-based Institute of Play Therapy, Ms Berry said a child’s early experiences, especially the negative ones, shaped their world.

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Sunshine Coast Daily (9th Jul 2015)

CHRONIC lack of sleep can be as debilitating as a serious illness and result in conditions as severe as depression, headaches and weight gain.

In fact, a New York DJ who set a world record by staying awake 201 hours, began laughing at nothing after three days and ultimately suffered hallucinations, paranoia and hysteria.

A third of all Australians don't get enough sleep and while their symptoms are usually nowhere near as severe, their lives suffer.

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Medical Daily (27th January, 2015)

Scientists at Stanford University School of Medicine may have found a new route to anti-aging therapies through a new procedure that can quickly increase the length of telomeres — the caps at the ends of chromosomes that are associated with aging and disease.